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1. Introduction

2. Members of the Public

a. How do I submit an item?

b. Family Heirlooms

c. New items

d. Taking your work that stage further

3. Religious Organisations

4. Military/Regimental

5. Livery Companies, Museums, Stately Homes

6. Companies

7. Hotels, Theatres and other Public Venues


In our busy Studio we delight in undertaking a fascinating variety of commissions from private clients, interior designers, the military, corporate bodies, stately homes and places of worship. After thorough consultation with our clients, we determine the appropriate treatment for an existing piece or design brief for a new piece of work.

Our areas of expertise include repair, restoration, reproduction, conservation, cleaning and a strong design team offers a service in both contemporary and traditional fields.

New Commissions – A most exciting area of our work is the reworking of age-old skills into treasures for future generations. We are currently making a new laudian nave altar frontal for Canterbury Cathedral.

Repair and Restoration can encompass an enormous variety of techniques – whitework, canvas, tapestry, net darning, both-sides-alike, stumpwork, blackwork, goldwork, silk shading, beading, cross stitch, crewel work and ribbon embroidery to name a selection. We have recently completed a tapestry reweave for Blenheim Palace.

Reproduction & Conservation – sometimes it is more appropriate to conserve a piece and a copy may be made as an alternative. The skills of such a wide range of needlework techniques by our staff, using authentic stitching, makes this a possibility.

Canvases can be hand painted or an individual embroidery kit prepared. We also offer a stretching and cushion making service. Christening robes can be made to order and from our Antique Textile Collection we operate a hire service for christening robes and wedding veils.

We have a Specialist Cleaning Service and will prepare and pack for storage.

Please contact Mrs Rosie Taylor-Davies, Head of Studio on  or email 


Members of the Public

Family Heirlooms/Antique Items

We provide the following services;


Antique Wedding Dresses and Veils

Cleaning, repair, restoration and packing for storage purposes.


Doll's Clothing

Repair, restoration or conservation.  Reproduction garments can be made to order.


Christening Gowns

A comprehensive service available for all repair work and cleaning.  Monogrammes or names can be beautifully stitched onto the hem to mark that special occasion.  Bespoke Christening Gowns coming soon.


Canvas Work

The RSN can reweave holes in canvas, replace missing stitches and stretch canvas ready for mounting.  Repairs undertaken include chair seats, fire screens, foot stools and fender stools.


The RSN can also transform your own canvas creations into cushions, complete with bespoke tassels and cords if required.


Canvas can be painted and an individual kit prepared, based on your artwork or to our design.



To conserve, repair, restore, replace missing stitches or reweave.


Household Linens

To clean, repair or darn.  We can crochet a border onto your hemmed table cloth or place mats.


Furniture Textiles

Conservation, restoration and repairs undertaken


Vintage Clothing

Can be mounted ready for framing, repaired, restored or prepared for storage.


Antique Beaded Items

We can replace missing beads, matching as closely as possible.  We can also clean, repair or reweave beads.



We can repair embroidered curtains, replace stitches or support onto suitable fabric if worn.  We can also reorganise the hanging system i.e. by insertion of slots or replace the lining.


Soft hangings

To repair, conserve, restore or reline.



Can be cleaned, mounted ready for framing, repaired or conserved.



New commissions, cleaning, repair, relining and restoration



Clever repair, cleaning, pressing, smoothing and iron mould treatment


Incomplete Projects - we can complete them for you whether new or antique




New Items

The following items can also be produced by our Studio:

  • Hand Painted Canvas - we can produce a hand painted canvas for you to work, based on your own photograph or design. This could be your pet or a family photograph or it could be based on a historical piece.

  • Monograms - on a handkerchief etc

  • Personalised embellishment for your clothes and accessories

  • Soft Toy Cloning - We can reproduce a new version of your favourite worn out soft toy!

  • Poems as a silk shaded mounted picture - a sampler for today!

  • Silk shaded or Blackwork picture - Favourite flower or animal or portrait

  • Quilts/Eiderdowns/Counterpanes/Bedspreads - we can finish them, make them up or line them

  • Motto or Family Crest - the RSN can provide a kit of your Motto or Family Crest for you to work on canvas or we can work it for you!



Taking your work that stage further

After putting all that hard work into your stitching, it seems a pity not to show it off!  We provide the following services:


  • Making up Cushions

  • Mounting your work ready for framing (we can also arrange for your work to be framed to conservation standard through a third party)

  • Transforming your work into soft hangings

  • Finishing off incomplete work, whether yours or a family members.

If your item is not included, we may still be able to help.  Please contact us for advice.


How do I submit an item?

1. Post or email your enquiry or telephone Rosie Taylor-Davies our Head of Studio so you can discuss an appropriate way forward.  An appointment can be made or alternatively, an item can be sent to us for evaluation.  Contact details for Rosie - Telephone , email

2. Once our Studio staff have evaluated the work involved, they will then issue an estimate and details of the work required.

3. If you wish to proceed, you will be asked to pay a deposit of 25% + VAT.

4. Once your job is completed, we will ask for payment before dispatch. 

nb: Studio Staff will endeavour to complete the task within the time frame given, but this cannot be guaranteed.


Religious Organisations

Textiles are often the most vulnerable contents of our places of worship where they are in danger from light, damp, dirt, insects and the wear and tear of regular use.  Additional damage can often be caused by the well-intentioned amateur enthusiast.  The Studio undertakes work for many synagogues and churches, such as;

Wedding Canopies, Altar Frontals,  Lectern Covers,  Copes, Chasubles, Stoles, Cassocks, Hassocks,  Torah Covers and Mantles, Kippah's, Vestments etc.

For all of the above, we can provide a cleaning service including smoke damaged items.  We can restore or conserve items or we can transfer antique embroideries onto new backgrounds.  We can also advise on minor repairs, adjustments and storage.

Onsite visits can be arranged for a fee.  Please contact Rosie Taylor-Davies on or email



Studio staff are experts in the "both sides alike" technique, used on military banners and regimental colours.  We are able to conserve and mount banners to prolong their life and use for regimental display.

We are also able to repair and restore military uniforms from past and present.

The Studio can reproduce a coat of arms to your specification or a motto or family crest.  Alternatively, we could produce a canvas kit for you to work yourself.


Livery Companies, Museums and Stately Homes

The Studio has undertaken conservation and restoration of a range of textiles for many Stately Homes, Museums and Livery Companies and would be happy to visit and discuss any work required i.e. tapestry reweaving, repair of canvas chair seats, curtain repair or restoration, repair or restoration of banners or new commissions such as replacement banners, embroidered gauntlets or replacement ribbons for masters badges.

A recent collaboration with Chertsey Museum, Surrey to produce new banners has been enthusiastically received by museum staff and recent visitors.



We have undertaken all kinds of commissions for companies.  We can design individual corporate gifts, an embroidered representation of your Company logo or  prestigious commissions for your offices or a special event, based on your own design or ideas.


Hotels, Theatres and Other Public Venues

The Studio have in the past been involved in a variety of projects, from the reproduction of the pelmet and trimmings for the curtain at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden to tailored tapestry kits for the Women in White Musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber in conjunction with the Really Useful Group.